28 October 2012

Part 6 - While and For Loops

Topics Covered:

While loops
Loop conditions and "forever" loops
The "for" loop

Part 5 - Assignments, Expressions and Function Calls

Topics Covered:

Combining assignments, expressions and function calls
Integer types: 16-bit and 32-bit
Counting characters in the input stream

27 October 2012

Part 4 - Customizing the Command Prompt, Standard Input/Output

Topics Covered

Customizing the command prompt in Windows
Standard input and output
Getchar(), putchar(), Pipes

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

Part 2 - Hello, World and Fahrenheit-Celsius conversion

Topics Covered

1. The main() function
2. Return codes and command-line arguments
3. Fahrenheit-Celsius conversion

21 October 2012

Part 1 - Installing the MinGW Compiler

C99 Tutorial Part 1 - Installing the MinGW Compiler

Topics covered

1. Installing MinGW compiler
2. Setting the environment variable PATH
3. Using the command line compiler to compile programs